White Bear Reiki

White Bear Reiki

Learn to give Reiki with the intuitive and ethereal grace of the Dreamer

Guardians, Jackie Morris

Guardians, Jackie Morris

Reiki encircled by the wise presence of Earth, taught as original star gift arriving into the sacred hologram of Earth and her elemental realms

You become the ethereal grace of Reiki, and it is as though you have done this forever. You remember this: the sounding of bell and drum, the spirit whisper of bear and snow. You remember this exquisite grace of the dance, the flow of the invisible realms. It is this that shimmers always just beneath the surface, waiting to be awakened.

At the heart of this is honoured the original star gift of Sensei Usui, and the simplicity and purity of his Reiki teachings and techniques. His wisdom carries you deep into the realm of intuitive trust and pure channelling of the Light.

White Bear Reiki is founded

  • To honour the original gift and teachings of Mikao Usui
  • To encourage creativity and natural inspiration using shamanic techniques
  • To train healers who have the confidence to give Reiki with the intuitive and ethereal grace of the dreamer

It is unique because

  • Reiki is interwoven with shamanic elements: use of drum, bells, rattles, crystals, movement
  • With all this, the transmissions and teachings of Mikao Usui are passed on with strength, simplicity and purity
  • True attention is given to discovering the gifts of the individual healer



Reiki taught as an original star gift from the realms of nature