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Journey into the far otherworldly waters of earth to retrieve the Moonstone Orb & awaken the Dragon

ANNOUNCING a New Online Journey!

A ONE YEAR SHAMANIC WEBINAR journey of Elven starlight sounding & drum, travelling to the otherworldly trees & forests of Lemuria & the Stars…

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A Beautiful Prophecy…

A precious treasure is found in the forest. It is a book, clad in worn white deerskin, and within on pages of bark is inscribed a mysterious and glowing script. It is written in the language of the Elven Ones, who so long ago vanished from our world…

“a powerful journey into the future as it is happening now upon the earth, an unveiling of the deep memories we carry about who we really are. “

~ Toby Negus, Visionary Artist & Writer

Receive a White Starlight Soul healing, for clearing of seals & blocks so that you can step into your New Dawn radiance, and access the gifts of the Star of your Heart

Receive a Healing

Receive an Elven Soul Reading, discover the akashic record and the deep activation of your gifts from the early Starlight Ages of the earth ~ of Lemuria & before

Remember Who You Are

Elen is an author & shamanic healer and teacher. Through the exquisite overtones and harmonics of the Elven starlight language and the sounding of drum, bell and rattle, she channels a profoundly transformative sphere. These ceremonies and teachings gift a powerfully beautiful vision of reality, and an all-encompassing shift into our own otherworldly grace. Learn more…

“Over a number of years I have enjoyed her clear integrity of soul and shining spirit. Her power to invoke and shift energy with words is truly beauty-full and in the deep traditions of soul storytelling and bardic Śeeing.”

Faith Nolton, author of ‘Gardens of the Soul’, founder of Sacred Hoop Magazine


Available to buy & download as Mp3

Journey to the sapphire, starlight waters of the beginning to activate your Swanfeather Cloak  ~ your vow to become visible as an Elder & Star of the Dawn

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Order your signed, Hardback First Edition copy of Silver Wheel inscribed with a message from Elen. Order here…


A beautiful set of 26 Oracle Cards with the full illustrations and glyphs of the Silver Wheel, and printed quotes from the book. Order here…

A full set of vibrational essences, infused with the glyphs of the Silver Wheel ~ available individually or as a full set. Order here…

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With Shining Love & Gratitude

Elen Elenna