Why ‘White Bear Reiki’?

White Bear Reiki



And so this brings me to White Bear Reiki: its creation and inspiration.

The White Bear, or Polar Bear, represents my dedication to maintain the purity of this work, to honour the timeless and elemental wisdom within.

It is a fierce ally in the transformative work of surrendering illusion, of coming into the beautiful life of the Soul, embodying the Otherworldly within the fabric of this world. On my own path, this often involves solitude amongst the falling snowflakes of celestial, Otherworldly inspiration. Then there are the long winters of icy darkness, of lost faith and the absence of vision, through which a radical courage shines. The healing journey of which I speak is one that I walk day to day, and by healing I mean that sometimes we are called to the vibrational edge of transformation. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, just as the seasons move from one to another, so are we called into internal cycles of transformation. We are not designed to stay the same forever. We are natural beings, and when we embrace the Universal energies, we re-discover our capacity to grow and change, ebb and flow in a process of natural evolvement. There are the times of crystallisation, and the times of dissolution. Then we release the false imprints and patterns, the frozen landscapes of routine and automatic behaviour, then we allow the Cosmic Energy of our Spirit Guides and the energy of our own Soul to touch us again with inspiration. We become the next cycle of ourselves. It is then that we experience the Light within ourselves, and the Light within others and the world all around us.

The White Bear walks, shining white, in a landscape of ice and falling snow. This is the restoration to the purity of our true selves, this is strength and beauty.


 “Every aspect of our mind, our lives, our entire being, could be continually surrounded and guided by the love, beauty, wisdom, peace, and grace of the higher power. It is the creation of this state of consciousness within each person that is the deeper intention of Reiki. As we discover this deeper intention for ourselves and open more and more to it, our lives will be transformed.”

William Lee Rand

Spirit of Reiki p.70

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