Elvenstar Workshop


“This journey was simultaneously cosmic, beyond the beyond and also the most natural simplicity of being Here.
What is it to be pure? Purity of heart. Of intent. Is everything.

The final steps do not have to be walked alone. It is a raising up, an ascension field held by a circle of friends. There is no top of the mountain, no vision quest. Truth is in the heart, the home of all visions. The beginning and the end.

To see and be seen for who you are is measured by the purity of Ones heart, the light shining through the eyes that speaks the immortal language..of Truth. There are no words here, just recognition. Infinite union of understanding.

Elen thank you for everything. Always.”

~ Kelley Swanlight

“I recently shared energies & space with Elen on her Swanfeather & Sapphire workshop. Elen brings much so much wisdom and purity which allows trust within strangers to flow. A teacher with rare qualities, a purity of communication, along with integrity, openness and the ability to hold a safe & supportive space. Which has provided an unlocking of many doors for me. Working with this beautiful soul, will push you, expand you, help you become the best version of you.”

~ Jason Carpenter

“Elen is Elven, embodied… beautiful, graceful and full of wisdom….. and a Shining One.. it was an honour to be there and receive all the powerful glyphs”

~ Val Young

“Last Sunday at the Silver Threads event in Avebury Elen Tompkins stole our Hearts, polished them with the sparkling light of ancient Elven Wisdom and gave them back, beaming, with a glittering new awareness.

At our Gathering Elen introduced us to each of these luminous teaching in turn; with words, sounds, song and drum, embedding seeds of light within our souls to encourage us to claim our personal gifts as we enter the Golden Dawn of a New Earth.

It was truly transformational. Such a blessing to be in the presence of this gentle, softly spoken woman who moves with the grace of the Deer.”

~ Sue Coulson ~ Cosmic Channel/Workshop & Event Facilitator.
Cosmic Classroom

Eveningstar Retreat


“the evening star retreat was a powerful journey into the future as it is happening now upon the earth, an unveiling of the deep memories we carry about who we really are. Elen’s prescience  and guidance was beautiful, gentle and a constant reminder of the vow we made to our self before we appeared on the earth this time. It is that reminder that I know in the heart of me, that I can now, never forget.

thank you Elen Tompkins for a mind blowing, soul searching, heart healing and life changing event.
The retreat of 13 journeys over 4 days, made the work of the silver wheel a beautiful experience that carried a grace and a devotion to the sacred heart of life. It was an honour to be part of the birth of this gift for humanity.”

~ Toby Negus, sacred artist & author

“I have loved experiencing the profound teachings shared by the beautiful Elen Tompkins over a four day retreat this last weekend and am blown away by her quiet and gentle courage in living her highest truth.

Sometimes you go way beyond the here and now to invoke an ancient ancestral vow, and there is no way to explain it to the rational. This was one such four day retreat, held deep in the heart of the mystical Berwyn Mountains with the roaring voice of the waterfall as our constant companion. In its wake there is nothing to do but surrender. Thank you to the timeless Elen Tompkins for opening this space and bringing us together.”

~ Francesca Cassini, author, inspirational storyteller, intuitive mentor

“Thank you so much for holding such a magical retreat – and leading us through such exquisite and potent teachings with such grace.

It has had a profound affect on me and one i’m still working with but i feel that this remembrance of my elven star lineage is of huge import both for my soul make-up and for my work – and i can’t thank you enough for that. I certainly want to continue to work with those pieces and to strengthen and deepen those lines and indeed my connection with the glyphs – so please do let me know if you decide to offer any further workshops around this as i would love to continue working with you! In the meantime i’m happily drinking in the further transmissions…”

~ Natalya Elliot, Shaman

“I would like to say a proper BIG THANK YOU for running this amazing retreat, for sharing with me the beautiful teachings of the Silver Wheel, and for sharing them with humanity at this time. It has been wonderful to meet you. I felt so safe and supported by you the whole time and am so appreciative for the time you took to really look after me and talk with me when needed. You gave so much time and compassionate attention to us all… and that was truly something special.

It honestly felt to me like heaven on earth at times. 

I don’t know what direction my life will head in next, but I feel deeply inspired to share the love and hope of the new earth with the world. Your incredible amount of courage has really inspired me too. I am loving reading your book… and the world needs it and needs you at this time” 

~ Holly Kim Wyatt

“Having read The Silver Wheel, I was thrilled to discover that Elen was to run a retreat to study the Teachings further. Working with her, I found that several of the journeys brought about deep healing whilst others were wonderfully empowering and joyful. Most beautiful of all is that the experience has stayed with me giving me a new perspective and adding a new dimension to my own life.”

~ Donna Forbes, Keeper of the Morning Star Lodge, Druid & Shaman

“So amazing to co-create spontaneously inspired ceremony & trust/surrender into it all. Wow!”

~ Leon Turfit, sacred craftsman


“This is such a heartfelt thank you to a truly beautiful, shining and pure soul. Elen your gentle yet very powerful ability to hold Sacred space for our reconnection and remembering of who we are is profound. No words can truly capture the magnificence of your gifts to the world. All I can say is thank you dear one, thank you.”

~ Isobel Stamford, Fife, Scotland
“Elen is truly gifted. She shared with me many beautiful insights. She has a very unique and beautiful talent. I am honored to have experienced Elen’s Glyph transmission ceremony. Her amazing abilities have helped me heal. It is an honor to work with her. During the ceremony, she guided us into a sacred space with an ethereal nurturing and supportive presence. The miraculous gifts that she shared with me are beyond words!”

~ Anna Torlen, Palm Beach, Florida

“Oh!! WOW!!! dear Elen, it was so beautiful. Thank you so much, from the deepest of my heart.  My body landed on the sofa, and it started at once. Very high, soft energies all around me. Could feel it strongly on my neck, my heart, front head and also on both sides of my head. My mind was floating in and out. Just so beautiful. Half way in, it sort of stopped. Remember looking at my watch, when I could feel it all start again. This time, a different energy, more firm, but still lovely…. don’t remember much from this part. Closer to the end, very similar energies as to the ones in the beginning, started all over again. Bliss ❤….

After receiving your beautiful transcribe this afternoon ❤ THANK YOU ❤ I sat down and asked for assistance to download these Dragon Pearls you wrote about. It started at once ❤ I sat for such about an hour, and it kept on downloading. Very high and beautiful energies. For a while, I could feel very powerful energies in my hands, like I can never remember to have had ever before.”

~ Anne~Lise, Norway

“Elen is a deeply inspired and inspiring spiritual teacher and healer. She works with a grace and compassionate wisdom that enable profound transformations to happen. The purity, light and shimmering strength of her presence show how she is embodying in herself what she shares with others. It is a deeply joyful experience to be with her, and with the exquisite energies of the Silver Wheel teachings which she transmits with such radiance and blessing.:

~ Rev Dr Clare Tompson

‘I had no idea what to expect…as always my interactions with Elen are a deep calling from my heart and bypass my logical mind. As I walked in through the door all the tensions from the journey evaporated and I was welcomed in by her gentle warmth and radiance. She embodies her Elven teachings and I can effortlessly imagine her shining her light at Rivendell in Lord of the Rings!

I lay down on a sheepskin rug and Elen wrapped me in a cosy blanket. All I had to do was close my eyes and relax, while she drummed and chanted in Elvish. I usually find it very hard to relax but before long all sense of time had disappeared. I wasn’t conscious of a great deal except her presence, which sometimes felt soft and gentle and sometimes fierce and warrior-like as if there were other people present. At one point I had a vision of an upturned crystal pyramid suspended above my heart. At another time I felt I was clad in armour like a knight, and sometimes I felt caresses as if someone was smoothing my hair or touching my face.

Immediately afterwards I felt immensely calm and I remember thinking that if I can walk through 2017 with that energy then all overwhelm would be meaningless.. and 2017 is a big year for me with a lot going on and I worry about being overwhelmed. .

As Elen explained what she picked up through the session I felt ‘known’ and loved. She explained that the crystal pyramid I’d envisioned was the Andromeda star energy pouring in to my heart. She told me how I had a massive capacity for love but as I’d felt so hurt in this life I’d blocked a lot of that. It has only been in the last three years or so (and I’m 61 now) that I’ve begun to sense this wealth of love energy…and in fact since this session I’ve become more and more aware of this Andromeda energy making its presence felt in my life and being key to my legacy project which I’ve recently starting developing.

Ever since I was a child I’ve wanted to experience the magic of life…real magic…and have never really felt like I come from this planet. Through Elen I’m beginning to experience this Elven magic and recognise that I’m deeply connected to this star realm…at last I feel I’m coming home.’

~ Francesca, Wales

“I booked a session having read The Silver Wheel because I strongly feel connected to the Elven Lemurian Energy.
I have never received a Shamanic Journey Healing but arrived with a very eager and open heart. I immediately experienced a close connection to that supreme energy. That was my gift from the first session.
My second session allowed me to experience how I could connect with that supreme energy and I have taken that away to work with before my third session.”

~ Dawn Redwood

“Thankyou for a truly empowering and magical healing.”

“It is obvious that Elen has an in depth understanding of the subtleties of introducing healing into another’s life. She does this in a deeply caring, conscious and empathetic way. A mere two sessions with Elen have enabled me to completely resolve a long-standing inner conflict of mine. As a result I now feel empowered, even liberated, and have a deep sense of peace.”

~ Grace, Wales

“It was challenging, awakening, stirring, serene, reminding, reinvigorating and frighteningly beautiful.

It reminded me of the mystery and the beauty, and sleeping parts of me were reawakened.”

~ Ildiko, Wales