Starlight Language Ceremony

Starlight Language Weekend
10th & 11th June, 2017

Another beyond beautiful Elvenstar weekend.

12 come together, sitting in our room that is like a cave in the Goddess House in Avalon.

A sound chamber, with the magnolia tree outside the window.

I offer the pure starlight transmission of the Fourth Glyph ~ the glyph of Starlight Listening and Language. By drum and Elven starlight language, around the altar filled with the golden galactic butterflies. The glyph painted in silver upon every brow.

Accessing the codes for the music of the Soul, releasing the blocks and restrictions, the dominion of silence. The angelic voice, the other-dimensional voice, that carries the realities of another world, spiralling through into this one.

This is the beginning of a world where we allow ourselves to be heard, where the other-dimensional voice of the soul begins to speak.

We travel into the Grove of Arianrhod, where so long ago the Elders wove the glyphs of the Silver Wheel into thirteen amethyst crystals, as a record for the reality of Lemuria ~ the sacred codes for Peace on Earth.

This is where the Elders held their long listening to the Light of the Everlasting Stars, to the starlight, moonlight, rainfall ~ the passing of the leaves, the seasons, the windfall of the flowers. Here amongst the trees, shimmering with their Elfin codes, their white stems and canopy topped with a carnelian fire of leaves, the Elven Ones guide us.

Their lamplit procession guides us into this sacred realm, where the Immortal Music of Creation is woven into the amethyst crystals.

By singing bowl, crystal bowl, ocarina, drum, rattle, bell and starlight language, we begin, in our circle of 12, to sound the 12 Codes of Creation, the Silver Wheel Glyphs, each of which is also a coloured flame. These are the Dream of the Elders of Creation for the realms of earth, and all that might transpire here.

Sapphire, white-gold, rose, silver, emerald, ruby-gold, violet, aquamarine, magenta, gold, peach, opal and diamond

The great Angelic Council of the Many Realms for earth. The voices of the Council, a rippling tapestry, a symphony that rises and falls, each voice taking precedence at different moments. It is natural and unscripted, a natural harmonic that arises from the remembering star voices of the earth.

The tones, cadences, the rising of rattle, the melody of the ocarina, the underlying note of the crystal bowl… voices angelic, galactic, elemental… Elohim, Orion, Elven and stellar points of origination, diffuse yet woven as One.

It is a revelation of the Symphony of the Dawn ~


In the afternoon we gather in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey, visiting the Othery Cope on the way. It is a relic of the abbey, found beneath a nearby village altar where it has been hidden for 400yrs since the dissolution of the Abbey ~ upon it the Queen of Heaven is embroidered, with star lilies, and her crown of 12 stars.

Then we process, our ribbons caught in the wind, to the broken enclave of the Abbey itself ~ it’s broken golden archways, pillars and walls standing against the skies in the heart of Avalon. We gather, the 12 Immortal Flames of the Dream of the earth and the stars, around the graves of Queen Gwenhwyfar and King Arthur.

This is the reclamation of the sovereign star voice, and the royal star lineages, what it means to embody your angelic and star heritage as a human upon earth.

This place where the sacred, celestial music hums within the land itself, caught eternally between the golden walls. The land itself is a music, into whose enchantment so many are drawn in this sacred place.

We dance outward in an ever-expanding circle to the golden stones of the walls, the star song murmuring through us and the ribbons swirling, hands and arms graceful, stances, sweeping movements as the star song is danced back into the stones. Standing on the grass, weaving amongst the pillars.

And thence we carry the Star Song of the golden palace to the Emerald Grove ~ fanning out from the central oak tree ~ each merging their song in silent beauty with the spirit of the tree with whom they stand.


It is hard to capture the fierce beauty, the power and mystery of an Elvenstar ceremony.

It is the mystery of a soul mastery that is unlocked in an atmosphere of gentleness and grace. It is the mystery of that which the Elvenstar glyphs of the Silver Wheel call forth ~ a self that has long been dormant, yet is so powerfully known.

It is the mystery of becoming this together ~ Elders of the Dawn firing into visibility.

It is the infinite grace of sacred communion and creativity ~ arising unscripted and eternal on the winds.

It is something that we create together, that is altering our world.


On Sunday morning we follow the White Deer with the Star at her brow into the forest.

She guides us into a far place ~ into the realm of the Deer Portal ~ an Andromedan white star deer portal in the forest

It is a gentle white radiance ~ a sphere for re-calibrating the nervous system, so that it is no longer primarily attuned to the frequenceies of fear, of fight and flight, but rather to the higher-dimensional messages of the soul

Releasing all that blocks us from knowing ourselves as a clear channel, a clear receiver and transmitter

Embracing the delicate white radiance of true sentience, whose setting is held in that portal

The gifts of clairaudience, of subtle listening, to subtle sound

of listening to the unheard, ‘silent’ musics of Creation

Recalibration of the nervous system to the Language of Light

Rediscovering the fine instrument of your body for listening

And then surrendering to your role as a transmitter, and finally listening for that music of the soul that is yours to channel into this world ~ the bandwave and divine frequency that is yours to share


On Sunday afternoon, we walk to the Chalice Well gardens, where we travel into the well waters, guided by the Lady of Avalon in her barge, to the music of the waters beneath Avalon.

There, we are gifted with the transmission of the pure frequencies of the star waters ~ the orginal dream or music of Creation within the earth, as held and created by the Rainbow Council of the Elders of Creation amongst the Everlasting Stars ~ forever held here in Avalon

And then we wander, fanning out into the gardens to receive a sound transmission from one of the plants, flowers, trees and stones of the Chalice Well


And at last ~ the holiest of holiness ~ the Ceremony of the White Spring.

Well prepared we are by now, deeply purified

We stepped into the darkness, candlelit, of the shrine. Each moves to where they are called

Some leaning over the waters, their lips a whisper away from the surface, some deep in the recesses of the shrines, one stands poised on the rim, blowing the notes of an ocarina into the waters

And from amongst us, unbidden, the most pure and enchanting song arises. Like a white cascade, an angelic symphony of Infinite Love, it pours forth.

White note upon white note, building, overlapping, fusing of a music from beyond

As though perfectly choreographed, as though a symphony long-written

With wild grace it emerges and is sung into the waters

Restoring their high holy frequencies, giving back all that has been given

And so it is done.

Some enter the waters, reborn like stars from her depths

We file from the White Spring, back into the daylight. There is the euphoria of knowing that we have done what we are called to do, that we have fulfilled the cosmic calling of the Dawn


By this Fourth Teaching of Starlight Language and Listening, our view of causality is called to alter. Our material paradigm, our consumer paradigm, is overturned, upturned, for a creator paradigm ~ where by the subtle frequencies we access and allow to pour through, we create a new realm, a new world.

Our attunement to sound and vibration is pivotal to this, and one of the fundamental ways we reclaim our true power

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