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Order your signed, Hardback First Edition copy of Silver Wheel inscribed with a message from Elen. A beautiful edition, with golden placeholder ribbon and dust jacket

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A precious treasure of lost Lemurian wisdom is found in the forest. It is a book, clad in worn white deerskin, and within on pages of bark is inscribed a mysterious and glowing script. It is written in the language of the Elven Ones, who so long ago vanished from our world.

SILVER WHEEL is an exquisite mandala of wisdom teachings from the Elven realms of Lemuria, that declares the Golden Dawn of a New Earth. It announces the return of the Shining Ones, and guides us into their ancient knowledge, their harmony with the earth and stars.

ELEN TOMPKINS received these teachings during her years of shamanic training in the forests of Wales. These beautiful teachings offer navigational tools for the New Earth. They activate our own otherworldly gifts and memories, and our intuitive grace of connection to the elemental and star realms.