Silver Wheel: Path of the Deer

Awakening as an Elder Soul & Star of the Dawn

A Year’s Journey in Avalon

March 2019 ~ March 2020

Deep within the land lie pathways of a subtle sentience and remembrance. White starlight, and old old radiance, of Eras of Peace that have been before, and shall come again. Here, we are finding a trail long lost ~ Ways of Peace, of the Shining Ones who came before.

This is the realm of the Elven and Star Elders, of First Remembrance. It is the First Light, the First Radiance, of an earth that was dreamt amongst the stars, and whose Dawn, whose Dream, arrives again and again. These are the pathways to which the Deer calls us, quietly leading the trail, to a subtle sentience and remembrance, to this New Dawn of an Elder, Ascended Earth.

You follow the White Deer with the star at her brow….

she leads you into the forest

It is the Immortal Forest of the Earth, and an inner light glows within the trees

Deep within the forest you come to a Grove of White Trees

Like 13 Elders the trees stand ~ their graceful, glowing, ivory stems,

their canopy aflame like sunrise or sunset.

At the base of each is an amethyst crystal ~

and within a silver glyph

It is the Grove of the Silver Wheel, the Grove of Arianrhod


Here within the White Grove of the Silver Wheel

You are welcomed to receive the transmissions, the Elven star codes of the New Dawn

These are profound activations of a beautiful way of existing that you remember from the Elder realms and worlds. It is there within you, and in a natural choreography it is being awoken…

And as the veils of forgetfulness and dormancy fall away, the sacred inheritance of deep remembrance ~ of a far wisdom, begins to awaken…

the codes of an old, older starlight radiance and remembrance

of a time before and a time that is to come

a deeper destiny and calling

that underlies your presence in this lifetime upon earth

It is time to remember who you are, and why you are here

to open to the whispers of your subtle sentience 

to enter the Mystery

of all that you are, and have always been

to become a guiding Star, a light in a New Dawn of Peace


Moon by moon, over the course of a year, we shall journey deep into the spheres of the Silver Wheel through walking upon the land ~ receiving directly from the earth, moon, sun and stars, and also through ceremonies of the Elven light language, and drum, rattle, bells & crystal bowls. These are deep, core activations that awaken your Elder Soul remembrance and Light

We shall travel in the woods and marshes of Avalon, where the swan and the deer are to be found amongst the reeds and the woods of birch, willow and oak. Here are seen heron, kingfisher, otter, white egret, moorhen and dragonfly….

We shall journey in the sacred landscape of Avalon ~ the star mountain of the Tor, the waters of the Red and White Springs

We shall move through the shamanic journeys of the Silver Wheel, and work with its wisdom and teachings from the eras of Lemuria and Atlantis, and our intergalactic connection with the stars beyond

There shall be physical journeys, and shamanic journeys. You will need a basic level of physical, mental and emotional wellness ~ no prior shamanic experience or qualification is required


The Course Dates

This is a One Year course, composed of a complete journey through the 13 glyphs and moons of the Silver Wheel. It shall take place through a sequence of in person, non-residential ceremonies and teachings in Glastonbury, UK

Each session begins at 4pm on first day, ending at 4pm on last day

Swanfeather Moon
First Glyph Teaching

Wednesday 6th March ~ Friday 8th March

Begins at 4pm on Wednesday evening, ending at 4pm on Friday

Sunstar Moon
Second Glyph Teaching

Wednesday 10th April ~ Friday 12th April

Begins at 4pm on Wednesday, ends at 4pm on Friday

Blue Galactic Butterfly Moon
Third Glyph Teaching

Wednesday 15th May ~ Friday 17th May

Begins at 4pm on Wednesday, ends at 4pm on Friday

Golden Galactic Butterfly Moon
Fourth Glyph Teaching

Tuesday, 4th June ~ Thursday 6th June

Begins at 4pm on Tuesday, ending at 4pm on Thursday

Silver Grove Moon
Fifth Glyph Teaching

Wednesday 10th July ~ Friday 12th July

Begins at 4pm on Wednesday, ends at 4pm on Friday

Starflower Aura Moon
Sixth Glyph Teaching

Tuesday 13th August ~ Thursday 15th August

Begins at 4pm on Tuesday, ends 4pm on Thursday

Moonstone Waters Moon
Seventh Glyph Teaching

Wednesday 18th September ~ Friday 20th September

Begins at 4pm on Wednesday, ends at 4pm on Friday

Grandmother Turtle
Eighth Glyph Teaching

Tuesday, 15th October ~ Thursday 17th October

Begins at 4pm on Tuesday, ends at 4pm on Thursday

White Whale Moon
Ninth Glyph Teaching

Tuesday 5th November ~ Thursday 7th November

Begins 4pm on Tuesday, ends at 4pm on Thursday

Atlantis Moon
Tenth Glyph Teaching

Tuesday, 10th December ~ Thursday, 12th December

Begins 4pm on Tuesday, ends at 4pm on Thursday

Stardust Moon
Eleventh Glyph Teaching

Wednesday 15th January ~ Friday 17th January, 2020

Begins 4pm on Wednesday, ending at 4pm on Friday

Morningstar Moon
Twelfth Glyph Teaching

Tuesday 4th February ~ Thursday 6th February, 2020

Begins at 4pm on Tuesday, ends at 4pm on Thursday

Diamond Portal Moon
Thirteenth Glyph Teaching

Monday 9th March ~ Friday, 13th March, 2020

Beginning at 4pm on Monday, ending at 4pm on Friday


This is a non-residential course, and all gatherings and ceremonies shall be held at the Avalon Centre, in the heart of Glastonbury. Find directions here…


Investment for the Course: £2,440

Deposit (non-refundable): £400

If you are interested, Elen can send you further details of a monthly payment plan that works out as £170 per month



To support your journey, you shall receive:

* a full set of Silver Wheel vibrational essences
* All Silver Wheel A4 prints of glyphs & illustrations from the book
* Sunrise Meditation for daily practice
* Elvenstar Directions of the New Dawn for meditation


Booking Your Place

To inquire about booking your place on Silver Wheel: Path of the Deer, or to ask any questions, do email Elen at

You do not need prior shamanic or ceremonial experience to do the course, but trust to your heart’s call if you feel guided towards it

Bright blessings on your path of the earth & the stars!


Booking & Cancellation Policy


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