In this group, moon by moon, Elen shares the teachings of the Silver Wheel, and a shamanic journey of drum and Elven starlight sounding. This includes the transmission of a glyph and the celestial flame of this moon

These are the shamanic journeys as recorded in Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book.

If you have read and loved the book, then this is a wonderful way to step into its pages, and to directly receive the activations held therein.

If you are new to the Silver Wheel, this is also a wonderful way to enter in.

 Through these journeys we lift the veils of forgetfulness, and travel on a journey of sacred metamorphosis and remembrance. The Elven Star teachings of the Silver Wheel awaken long-forgotten spheres of the soul with the frequencies of the Golden Dawn, activating remembrance of the true nature of the earth and the stars and our own destiny.

*lift the veils of forgetfulness & dormancy
*awaken your ancient destiny for a New Cycle of Light on earth
*remember who you are, where you come from & why you are here

This group happens via a Zoom Webinar Meeting, which is an Online group call. Elen speaks and shares the teaching, followed by the guided shamanic journey. You can choose whether to join as an audio, or as audio and video, and whether or not to be visible yourself. 

It is powerful to journey this way, and you can experience it as a meditation in stillness, in your own sacred space, or through dance or movement. 

There is time to ask questions and share your journey if you wish, and to experience the power of the Elder Circle coming together all around the earth

Upcoming Transmission

The next transmission will be the TWELFTH Glyph of the PEARL Moon ~ a JOURNEY to the Temple of the MORNINGSTAR to awaken your sacred creativity for the New Dawn

Wednesday, 19th February   7pm (GMT)

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What happens once you Sign UP?

* You will receive a confirmation email, which means that Elen knows you have joined the call, and has added you to the list

* A couple of hours before the meeting, you will receive an email with a link to the Zoom Meeting 

* If you wish to attend the live circle, click on the Zoom link at the start time, & you will automatically be brought through to the meeting. 

* The following day you will receive an email with the link to the Recorded Version, so that you can listen to the journey in your own time

* Joining the Elder Circle gives you access to the Elders of the Silver Wheel Facebook group, which is a beautiful online community. Just send Elen an email and a FB friend request if you would like to join

* If you have any questions, you can email Elen at


2020 Dates

Peach Moon
Thursday, 23rd January

Pearl Moon
Wednesday, 19th February

Diamond Moon
Thursday, 5th March

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