One-on One Sessions

Elen offers 2 different types of one-on-one sessions ~ an Elven Soul Reading and a White Starlight Soul Healing

How to choose which one is for you?

Imagine two great Elven Temples of Light in the forest ~ one is a Rose Temple of Remembrance where the Elven Ones surround you, singing of all that you have always been ~ where your deepest timeline memories are unveiled & your ancient gifts activated for you in the present moment

The other is a White Starlight Temple of Healing, an Elven Grove, where you sit at the centre of a vast flower of life inlaid in white starlight in the forest floor & receive the vast healing gifts of the Elven Ones for the New Dawn

The former is the Rose Temple of the Elven Soul Reading, and the latter is the White Temple of the White Starlight Soul Healing

You might book one, and the Elven lead you into the spheres of the other, or you might have clear, deep intuitional knowledge of exactly which one you are entering, and it unfolds as you have felt it would

There is an element of Mystery, always!

Please do follow your curiosity and joy, and book the one you feel called to ~ whatever you book, the experience will unfold perfectly in accord with your Greater Self

How do the Sessions Work?

Through the overtones and harmonics of the Elven language of the stars, and the sounding of shamanic drum, rattle and Tibetan bells, Elen calls to the awakening of your far, other~dimensional gifts and soul qualities. It is good to be in a peaceful, uninterrupted space for the duration of the session, where you can sit comfortably or lie down to receive. This is intense and powerful energetic work. The shamanic sound activation lasts for about 45mins, followed by Elen's sharing of insights & information, including a reading from the Oracle of the Silver Wheel

How Do I Book a Session?

*Elen offers sessions via Skype video call, and also Distance sessions (entirely remote ~ she sends you a written transcript via email)  at 11am & 1.30pm (UK times)

*See time converter to find out how this works for your time zone

*If the session falls during your nighttime, you can book a Distance session. This is done remotely (no special preparations or information required, you just need to have peace & spaciousness during the time. You can create your own sacred space to tune in during the session, or remain asleep) & you receive the written transcript via email shortly afterward

*Book your session on the site & Elen will send you available dates/times via email


Find out more about the Elven Soul Reading, discover the akashic record and the deep activation of your gifts from the early Starlight Ages of the earth ~ of Lemuria & before

Remember Who You Are


Receive a White Starlight Soul healing, for clearing of seals & blocks so that you can step into your New Dawn radiance, and access the gifts of the Star of your Heart

Receive a Healing