Elvenstar Soul Reading


Come for a soul reading and activation with the Elven Ones and Star Elders. Many of us are remembering that we have walked the earth in this inspired state of ascended grace before, we are receiving our star memories and the other-dimensional echoes of Lemuria, Atlantis & the early starlight ages of the earth. It is shimmering through into visibility ever more, a radically different way of being on the earth that is becoming accessible in this Now moment.

You are one of the People of the Stars who are born in this lifetime to restore the sacred realms of the Earth. Her hidden star realms and her angelic timeline are blossoming through you. You have this sensitivity to the Light-infused realms of the New Earth, and the inner knowledge of a dimensional shift that is weaving itself through the earth.

Through the overtones and harmonics of the Elven language of the stars, and the sounding of shamanic drum, rattle and tibetan bells, Elen calls the ethereal spheres of your soul’s greater timeline into embodiment. The Elven Ones and Star Elders summon you into an irrevocably new dimensional existence, re-weaving your energy signature so that you can access this expanded timeline and shine as the Star of the Dawn that you ARE.

It is a deeply transformational, embodied activation of your soul gifts. An Elvenstar session unlocks the seals that have separated you from the expanded timeline of your soul, clearing any blocks to embodying this greater remembrance of who you are.

For many of us it is many lifetimes since we have embodied such a powerful radiance upon the Earth, and walked as the true Shining Ones and Angelic Elders that we are. There are veils of forgetfulness that have fallen between our Lemurian, Atlantean and galactic, angelic remembrance, our ascended and otherworldly grace, and this NOW moment. However, more and more remembrance is flowing in, and we are ready to become whole again, and completely ourselves.

Elen works with the Glyphs of the Silver Wheel, that activate and deeply expand us. Gifted by the Elven Elders of Lemuria, they spontaneously inter-weave themselves through an Elvenstar Soul reading, like silver star-flowers descending to awaken deeper spheres of remembrance and the embodiment of your Dawn Star essence.

Gift yourself with an Elvenstar Soul Reading in person in the heart of Avalon

90 mins


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Receive an Elvenstar Soul Reading via a Skype Call from anywhere in the world

90 min


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Receive a Distance Elvenstar Soul Reading that Elen will transcribe for you and send to you via email

90 min


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“This is such a heartfelt thank you to a truly beautiful, shining and pure soul. Elen your gentle yet very powerful ability to hold Sacred space for our reconnection and remembering of who we are is profound. No words can truly capture the magnificence of your gifts to the world. All I can say is thank you dear one, thank you.”

~ Isobel, Scotland

“Oh!! WOW!!! dear Elen, it was so beautiful. Thank you so much, from the deepest of my heart. “

~ Anne-Lise, Norway

“Ever since I was a child I’ve wanted to experience the magic of life…real magic…and have never really felt like I come from this planet. Through Elen I’m beginning to experience this Elven magic and recognise that I’m deeply connected to this star realm…at last I feel I’m coming home.”

~ Francesca, Wales

“Elen is a deeply inspired and inspiring spiritual teacher and healer. She works with a grace and compassionate wisdom that enable profound transformations to happen. The purity, light and shimmering strength of her presence show how she is embodying in herself what she shares with others. It is a deeply joyful experience to be with her, and with the exquisite energies of the Silver Wheel teachings which she transmits with such radiance and blessing.”

~ Rev Dr Clare Tompson

“Elen is one of those rare beings that combine deep intuitive sensitivity with gentle and powerful wordcraft. What she has known from birth in her bones, she weaves into words with skill and ancient knowledge. Over a number of years I have enjoyed her clear integrity of soul and shining spirit. Her power to invoke and shift energy with words is truly beauty-full and in the deep traditions of soul storytelling and bardic Śeeing.”

~ Faith Nolton, Shaman, Artist, Author of Gardens of the Soul, Founder of Sacred Hoop Magazine

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