Lapland 2017


Kayaking Expedition

August 2017


I wanted to share the long and rambling account of my time in Lapland, that has been more deeply life-changing and inspiring than I can give words to... it beauty and gifts and revelations still dancing through me….


Rain, pine smoke, crowberry flowers

harebells, Siberian jay

rosebay willow herb ~ magenta spires

pine and birch ~ yarrow

Waters like darkest sapphire, skies of cloud, a horizon of forest

following the waterways of the Great Lake ~ Lake Inari

a reindeer bounding through the trees ~ disappearing

darkest sapphire waters become heavy and rippled with wind

Star of the Sea

Star of the Sea

like an incantation through my mind

over and over again

shedding the small self like a dark cobweb so long wound around the Brightest Light

Darkly beautiful sapphire water ~ the lake reveals herself as a Sirian star goddess long landed, transmuted into her great watery form here in Lapland, rising up, ancient beautiful star codes ~ it is time, it is almost time

Elven ~ Star of the Earth ~ awakened Star Souls who chose to come here

sapphire star waters, under clouded skies, shores of pine forest, darkly, blackening emerald

birches blowing, granite pink with quartz seams ~ crowberries

swan wings stretch out wide, star of the sea

the kayaks glide across rippled dark waters

I feel a silver star at my core, connecting to the land and sky as I paddle over the waters

I feel myself becoming the Swan, the fierce beating of wide wings, a radiance and transfiguration


Warmth of a fire under a sun that only fades, but doesn’t disappear

burning birch, pine cones, needles

light fading into dim light, soft greys, close to midnight

pine cones turn to ember and ash


It is though winged my Higher Self ignites, spiralling mighty under the clouds, like a tornado of Peace arising

silver, wild water, fading with the midnight sun, and billowing pale grey sky

moths, white, dun, sudden on the water, by the paddles

Star song to the lake, singing to the lost star codes, singing of the willingness to awaken the memories of the Elven Ones, the People of the Swan

Upon the lichen and grey rocks, placing the white deerskin of the Silver Wheel, dancing, and I can see the dance of arrival, of a soul that has long been gone, far away, and lost to the remembrance of who she is for many a long age, as the purity of remembrance becomes gradually dusty and faded over hundreds of years, like a faded photograph, like an echo that sounds every so often in the soul and is just as suddenly done.

Yet now it returns, crisp and clear as yesterday

The tent of reindeer skin, shape of a tipi ~ a kota ~ and within, the stored treasures of shamanic lifetimes ~ long ago I set forth knowing that I would return, knowing that I would come to recover them, a time capsule. And I would come to this place at the beginning of the next age when the cosmic star gates were ready to be opened, and the inter-galactic earth be made accessible, reconstruct herself once more. Like a beautiful mansion long abandoned, its furniture and magic archways shrouded, now its shutters being thrown open to the Light

And those who are ready shall come, to see the magic sigils flaming above the magic doors, to remember who they are and why they are here

Those who wish to remember a reality founded in Light, to return to the Pure Love that they are

I see her donning the reindeer fur cloak, the ruff settling around her shoulders. Tawny and cream, her dreaming robes

harebells and yarrow

gauzy spires of the long grasses

silver-bright sheen on the still waters

and clambering from the kayak to tread quiet through the pines, to a first vision of the reindeer grazing


Remembering her form, fair and Elven, white cloak, long limbs, the white starlight shimmering deep within, fair and gentle, yet an endless strength, a connection to the wind, earth, fire and waters, in prayer, she knows what she is born to, and the passage she makes, she must make

the siberian jay diving from the pines to the ground amongst the reindeer, calves pursuing their mothers for milk, gangly legged, angular, antlers just forming and growing, blunt and soft-edged, the thud of their hooves a dull clump through the forest, amongst the quiet of the pines and the grey stones, like a tumbled sanctuary, reindeer paths winding through, crossing one another


Remember that you are starlight, and here to create something infinitely beautiful

Cloudberries on the island, globules of sunset, sunrise, a brilliant peach colour in the moss

red moss


Silver birch pollen on the waters

as we return from the far place

the barges travel home, laden with treasure from the Otherworld

landing here the Star of Love

amber dust, gold dust, thanksgiving

the New Earth is an otherworldly earth, a parallel earth, whose ground we can sink into

another way of being upon the earth, another earth to be with

We can live here, permanently anchored, and we ourselves become a part of its sacred architecture, a portal, a gateway, through which others may pass to this new order of existence


Somewhere far on Lake Inari, in the north of Finnish Lapland, I am still there on the waters, called by a white starlight remembrance so poignant and exact, it takes my breath away, and holds me spellbound

Who comes back from this? Who returns?

I feel I know with greater certainty who I am, there is a return to the beginning, an understanding of all the journeys it has taken to come to this, to reach this place.

I stand outside the tent of reindeer skin ~ a kota ~ and within, the stored treasures ~ I set forth so long, long ago, knowing that I would return. I knew that one day, many lifetimes hence, I would come back. My hand would touch the bark of the pine, I would see the red moss and the sunrise fire of cloudberries, and I would remember. It is a remembrance so exact, like walking in my own footprints, that it sears the heart. Within sudden and complete knowing, I know who I am, and who I have been, and the simplicity of one great over-arching Love and intention that has spanned lifetimes. I knew that I would come to recover them ~ this is a time capsule, long held. I knew that I would come at the beginning of the next age when the cosmic star gates were ready to be opened again, and the inter-galactic earth be made accessible, reconstruct herself once more. Like a beautiful mansion long abandoned, its magic archways shrouded, now being opened to the Light…

This inter-galactic earth, this New Earth, is a parallel ground on which we can choose to stand

and I recognise the clarity of the journey, and how the soul has known, always known, of these great cycles of forgetfulness and remembrance ~ the gradual fading from the Great Starlight Ages of the earth ~ how reality has subtly and inexorably altered over great spans of time ~ and how the soul and every incarnational expression has so altered also, and how the shamanic lifetimes are woven of this alteration, as pathways for the Shining remembrance, for the Shining Codes were created. And so the ceremonies, the initiations have taken place, that restore the soul to remembrance of its overarching purpose, of its intention to keep weaving the inter-galactic earth, to keep connecting the people to the Greater Star Reality, to hold the alignment, the grace of balance, even in times of deep forgetfulness, through the density of the veils.

There is a vow to remember oneself as a soul from the stars, and as one who has known Elven embodiment, Shining embodiment, the white starlight codes of an old purity that has walked this earth, that has understood and known her essence from earliest times.

She holds her alignment with the original star council, with all that is intended and dreamt for this beautiful realm, this beautiful planet. She knows the vow, of all that the earth might become. The dream of the earth, the true dream of the earth.

And how we have striven to remember the white starlight codes for the earth, the swan feathers of the shining light body. How we have sought to preserve the pathways of their activation, so that once again we could become all that we are.

And now there is something stirring, a New Age when the swanfeathers of remembrance tumble around us, and so much is gifted, so that the pathways of return become differently crafted, more immediate

There is the stirring of  white starlight, ancient Andromedan codes, crafted in another galaxy…

Something incredibly ancient, delicate, beautiful is stirring, a deeper layer than has ever been accessed before

Delicate old planetary structures of Light, that have been before, and shall be again

If I travel very deep within, I can feel it

a place where the old realms interfuse and meet

old and beautiful dragons are awakening

something stirring that has been so long asleep

interfused with bright, white starlight codes

Something that has been sleeping for so long is awakening


This my Vision Quest and wilderness adventure to Finnish Lapland with Chris Luttichau, 10 days of kayaking and hiking and camping in August 2017….

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