Juliet met Elen through a mutual Reiki teacher, being aware on meeting Elen that there was work to be done together, little knowing what that might entail or where it might lead. This flowered initially into an apprenticeship with Elen and has since matured into its current expression.

Juliet is a dreamer and explorer of paths; loving the ways that spiral off sideways, backwards, back around to the beginning again..paths of the Earth, the mind, the Winds, the Stars and the Waters; those illuminated by Moonlight, Fire or Sunlight and those awaiting illumination. 

Loving connection to the mystical; those aspects sensed in movement, in touch, through sound, the drum, the weavings of the Realms. 

This willingness to be at the vanguard of such explorations has facilitated her work with Elen and the evolving of this to become a worthy Guardian of the energies and the medicine wheel of the Silver Wheel. She is deeply connected shamanically with the work and is a supportive and substantive pillar for the group work that Elen leads and creates in order to share the transformative teachings of the Silver Wheel. 

Last autumn Juliet was the first initiate of the newly developed Dawn Quest of the Silver Wheel; a practice that Elen, in collaboration with Gian Paolo Cottino, developed for personal transformation in the manner of the traditional Vision Quest. The Dawn Quest is held within the medicine of the Silver Wheel supported by the Elders of the Silver Wheel. It facilitates the remembering of the true nature of the Earth and the Stars and our place within this and the finding of our true Elder path in this lifetime. This was a truly transformative experience which is still being deeply felt and unwound.

Juliet’s explorations expanded to include the work of Michael Dunning’s Yew Mystery School, and during this last year (2018) she became one of the first few to become an Initiate of the school having completed all 5 of the first levels of this training.

Another of Juliet’s strengths is creating and holding space for others which she does in her one to one therapeutic work (having a long-standing homeopathic and natural health practice in Hereford and Monmouth), and developed further when she completed a Creating Ceremonies course with Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling in 2017. Juliet is now holding her own circles to allow this to further flourish and to allow her own style to be birthed; giving light to her own Elder wisdom.

Juliet is a Guardian and assistant in the group workshops, courses and retreats that run to share the teachings of the Silver Wheel. On residential retreats Juliet is known as the Elven House mother and has responsibility for the smooth running of the camp. Juliet accompanied Elen and the Silver Wheel to Timbavati in South Africa, to the Pyrenees in France, as well as to the sites in Wales we have worked in, most notably our on-going work at Pistyll Rhaeadr in North Wales. She is also involved in the initiation and planning of the new courses and workshops.

Juliet Ablett, January 2019. 

To see more about Juliet’s work see www.julietablett.co.uk