I’m Holly Kim Wyatt, a Star Guardian of Peace. I bring my soul gifts of illumined hope, wisdom and vision for the New Dawn on Earth. 

I recently incarnated on Earth, following vast star adventures, including lifetimes with the starlight waters of Altair (Aquila) and infinite journeys as a Cosmic Whale weaving pathways of peace throughout the Universe. 

Divine timing and a deep love for humanity guided my return. I remember being with the Earth during her earliest starlight beginnings and have experienced this aspect of our evolution before in the great cycles of time.

In early adulthood, I began to be brought groups in their millions of innocent soul energies from all across the planet who had passed, but been unable to move on. These groups were gathered and guided to me by Mother Earth, to be held in my loving light safely and supported in their transition into higher realms. This was a vast divine mission supported by the many realms of light and was successfully completed in 2012. 

This experience woke me up to my natural gifts as a multidimensional lightworker and planetary gatekeeper. It has brought me so much joy to continue fulfilling my soul purpose of consciously supporting the grand healing, awakening and ascension occurring on Earth at this time.

My focus was then guided towards a time of deep stillness for personal healing; physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was a very challenging period of my life that took all of my courage, hope and determination to navigate. It was a major reset on all levels to prepare me for aligning more fully with my soul path. I needed a few years of profound rest, recovery, inner and outer rebalancing, and learning. I am incredibly proud of myself for trusting my inner guidance during this time. I discovered my capabilities for self healing and I learnt how to truly love, be gentle and patient with myself and my body. I am very grateful for all the amazing support I received from healers, close friends and family (in all realms). Especially from my wonderful Mum… who believed in me every step of the way and created a beautiful peaceful home to hold me safely and gently.

Then in the summer of 2016 I had an unexpected magical encounter with a Deer in my local woodland. Whilst quietly admiring a stone deer carving in the centre of the wood (created by a dear friend), a beautiful Doe decided to join me. She shared with me the medicine of gentleness and high sensitivity, guiding me to honour and champion the value and power of this within myself and in the world. It brought me tears of joy and relief to recognise the truth of these qualities and to feel the deep compassion of the Deer.

As I began to follow the path of the Deer in my life, I was guided to discover the incredible ‘Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book’ by Elen Elenna… this turned out to be a life changing moment and there was no looking back. It felt like I was hearing the true language of my soul for the first time.

~ ‘The Elven Star teachings of the Silver Wheel awaken long-forgotten spheres of the soul with the frequencies of the Golden Dawn, activating remembrance of the true nature of the earth and the stars and our own destiny.’ ~ 

In September 2016, I dived into the opportunity to attend the first ever Silver Wheel retreat at Pistyll Rhaeadr in Wales. It was an amazing experience of remembrance, reunion and awakening in the most stunning landscape. Upon my return home, a deep calling within my heart inspired me to offer my support to Elen and the Silver Wheel… this was the beautiful beginning of a magical Elven-Star alliance and friendship!

I’ve gone on to complete a wonderful one year Elvenstar Apprenticeship with Elen, and have been journeying with the Silver Wheel ever since, assisting at retreats, workshops and meditation evenings, including the Temple of the Silver Wheel year long course 2018/2019. I’ve supported Elen (alongside my dear friend Juliet Ablett) with the physical creation and holding of the exquisite spaces of light that are woven during the Silver Wheel ceremonies, using my innate and ever evolving gifts and shamanic skills. I’ve also had the deep joy of channelling the 13 Elven Starflowers of the Silver Wheel as drawings, and recording and editing the Silver Wheel audio guided journeys.


Deep in my heart I hold the light and prayer of the miraculous, knowing the true power of love and imagination to create wondrous beauty and freedom for all of us. My focus is now on developing my self mastery and growing into my role as a Stellar Wayshower and Elder of Peace… whilst holding space for others to discover their true selves and step fully onto their paths as Elders of the Dawn. 

It is such an honour and joy to empower all the beautiful highly sensitive souls who hold gentleness in their hearts… your voices and sacred dreams are much needed on Earth at this time!

My deepest gratitude to dear Elen for being a most incredible guide, teacher, healer and friend. I’ve learned, healed and evolved so much these past few years… it’s rather mind blowing! You truly have become beloved family to me. Thanking you, the Elven Ones and Star Elders of the Silver Wheel for empowering me and guiding me back home to my diamond star heart. Here’s to the many adventures still to come!

‘Holly Star Whale’ is my new facebook page. I will be sharing my gifts, writing and offerings as this space evolves. I am grateful to all who support and witness my journey… you are welcome here anytime!