Guardians of the Silver Wheel

Together, over many moons, we have held the ceremonies of the Silver Wheel ~ the returning spheres of Elvenstar wisdom for the New Dawn. It has been a magical journey of rediscovering one another, of the way that our soul gifts interlink, and the paths of the earth and the stars that open through our shared footprints. These ceremonies have been held from Avalon in the UK, to Wales, South Africa and France. Together we journey, in alignment with our deepest calling, to share these Lights of the Silver Wheel for the New Dawn on earth. Do meet us here and find out more about our journeys!

Elen Elenna

Elen Deer of the Morningstar, is author of Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book, a shamanic healer & teacher. Through years of initiation by the earth and the stars, she has come to walk a path of remembrance; sharing the wisdom of the Elven Ones and the Star Elders for the New Dawn. Meet Elen here….

Juliet Ablett

Juliet is a dreamer and explorer of paths; loving the ways that spiral off sideways, backwards, back around to the beginning again ~ paths of the Earth, the mind, the Winds, the Stars and the Waters; those illuminated by Moonlight, Fire or Sunlight and those awaiting illumination. Meet Juliet here…

Holly Kim Wyatt

I’m Holly Kim Wyatt, a Star Guardian of Peace. I bring my soul gifts of illumined hope, wisdom and vision for the New Dawn on Earth. I recently incarnated on Earth, following vast star adventures, including lifetimes with the starlight waters of Altair (Aquila) and infinite journeys as a Cosmic Whale weaving pathways of peace throughout the Universe. Meet Holly here…