White Starlight Soul Healing

Receive this beautiful White Starlight healing of the Elven Ones so that you can bring the Immortal Star of your I AM grace into embodiment, into Creation.

This is the Star of the Heart, the Immortal Oversoul embodiment that holds the higher dimensional wisdom of dwelling in Oneness with the Heart of Creation. It is a purity, a radiance, an ascension and a return to the Earth. For we are living in a time when this Inner Star, this Inner Radiance is being awoken within us, and within the realms of nature. Like a mighty Tree blossoming after a great long winter, so are we.

It is a higher-dimensional, innermost radiance that is grounded and pure.

It is your own lost radiance that you so deeply know and remember.

Elen channels this healing through shamanic drum, rattle, Tibetan bell and the Elven language and song of the stars. She also works with the crystals, and with Reindeer, Swan, Eagle, Bear, Grandmother Turtle and the White Whales. It is a profoundly transformative, core vibrational healing, working with the seventh-dimensional Light of the Elven Ones to transfigure the energy signature of your experience.

For many of us it is many lifetimes since we have embodied such a powerful radiance upon the Earth, and walked as the true Shining Ones and Angelic Elders that we are. White Starlight Soul Healing supports the release of all that brings forgetfulness and confusion about who you truly are ~ the seals and blocks and limitations of the last aeon. It helps you to access the deeper timeline of the soul, and to clear the blocks from past events that have created seals upon remembrance. It is time to become whole again, and completely yourself.

Interwoven with this White Starlight healing are the Glyphs of the Silver Wheel ~ the ascension codes of the New Dawn, that activate and deeply expand us. Gifted by the Elven Ones, these are exceptionally powerful tools for healing, awakening and remembrance. They spontaneously inter-weave themselves through a White Starlight healing, like silver star-flowers descending to inspire your Oversoul embodiment and deep Soul healing.

Elen shall use the Oracle of the Silver Wheel to discover where you are in your soul’s journey, channelling wisdom and guidance for your unfolding path.

Become grounded in the Immortal Star of your Heart, and the reality of your soul

Awaken as a Star of the Dawn!


*Elen offers sessions via Skype video call, and also Distance sessions (entirely remote ~ she sends you a written transcript via email)  at 11am & 1.30pm (UK times)

*See time converter to find out how this works for your time zone www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter

*If the session falls during your nighttime, you can book a Distance session. This is done remotely (no special preparations or information required, you just need to have peace & spaciousness during the time. You can create your own sacred space to tune in during the session, or remain asleep) & you receive the written transcript via email shortly afterward

Receive a White Starlight Soul healing via Skype from anywhere in the world



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Receive a White Starlight Soul healing as a distance session, which Elen will transcribe and send to you

90 mins


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“I had no idea what to expect…as always my interactions with Elen are a deep calling from my heart and bypass my logical mind. As I walked in through the door all the tensions from the journey evaporated and I was welcomed in by her gentle warmth and radiance. She embodies her Elven teachings and I can effortlessly imagine her shining her light at Rivendell in Lord of the Rings!

Ever since I was a child I’ve wanted to experience the magic of life…real magic…and have never really felt like I come from this planet. Through Elen I’m beginning to experience this Elven magic and recognise that I’m deeply connected to this star realm…at last I feel I’m coming home.”

~ Francesca, Wales

“Oh!! WOW!!! dear Elen, it was so beautiful. Thank you so much, from the deepest of my heart. My body landed on the sofa, and it started at once. Very high, soft energies all around me. Could feel it strongly on my neck, my heart, front head and also on both sides of my head. My mind was floating in and out. Just so beautiful. Half way in, it sort of stopped. Remember looking at my watch, when I could feel it all start again. This time, a different energy, more firm, but still lovely…. don’t remember much from this part. Closer to the end, very similar energies as to the ones in the beginning, started all over again. Bliss ❤….

After receiving your beautiful transcribe this afternoon ❤ THANK YOU ❤ I sat down and asked for assistance to download these Dragon Pearls you wrote about. It started at once ❤ I sat for such about an hour, and it kept on downloading. Very high and beautiful energies. For a while, I could feel very powerful energies in my hands, like I can never remember to have had ever before.”

~ Anne~Lise, Norway