Dragon & Moonstone Orb

An Elven Activation & Journey

This journey carries you into the far otherworldly waters within the earth, to activate a gift you stored as an ethereal time capsule, a Moonstone Orb, during the time of Lemuria.

It calls you into the presence of a dragon of Lemuria, with whom your soul holds a deep and ancient alliance.

It is time to awaken this alliance, and to travel with the Dragon into the realm of the Sun, to activate the Moonstone Orb of your ancient gift into the New Solar Radiance of the Dawn.

Guided by the drum and Elven starlight sounding, you shall enter into a deeply altered state of consciousness by which you can enter this multi-dimensional reality of remembrance.

You shall travel via the Second Elder Code & Glyph of the Silver Wheel ~ tracing it into the air with your hand during the journey


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Elen Elenna shares this guided shamanic journey from Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book. The journey is held through her voice, drum & Elven starlight sounding; it is an other-dimensional voyage of Light that activates remembrance of the Far One you are

When you order, you shall receive a Confirmation Email with

* a link to the Mp3 ~ when you click on this, the Mp3 shall download automatically to your computer, iPad or phone

* a link to a downloadable pdf with guidance for the meditation & an image of the glyph

You can also access your Mp3 file & pdf via your account on the Elen Elenna website, where it is stored for you

To get the full frequencies of the drum and sounding, I would advise using good quality speakers or headphones when listening

This is a powerful shamanic journey, so do create a spacious and peaceful experience for yourself when listening. Listen somewhere where you will not be interrupted, and give yourself time afterwards for integration and recording of your experience through writing or drawing, music or movement. 

Do memorise the form of the Glyph before journeying ~ you can practice drawing it into the air with your hand

The recording is for your own use only