Dawn Quest
at Pistyll Rhaeadr in Wales
23rd ~ 30th June, 2019


In solitude, fasting upon the land for 3 days and nights, in a circle upon the sacred land at the waterfall, you shall make a call to your own Elder destiny and remembrance. This shall be a sphere, based upon the ancient practice of Vision Quest, where you can make the shift into your own Elder path and calling for the New Dawn.

The Elven Star teachings of the Silver Wheel awaken long-forgotten spheres of the soul with the frequencies of the Golden Dawn, activating remembrance of the true nature of the earth and the stars and our own destiny. During the Dawn Quest, you will be held within the transformational sphere of the Silver Wheel, and its calling to your destiny as a Star of the Dawn and an Elder Soul of the New Earth

This is for those who are ready to enter into deep communion with themselves, with the land, the stars, Great Mystery and Spirit. To travel deep into your own heart and soul, to find out who you are and why you are here.

We shall prepare for this through prayer, meditation, Elder walks upon the land and Fire Ceremony. We shall work with the wisdom and glyphs of the Silver Wheel; practical guidance founded in traditional wisdom; a Ceremony of Return, and teachings and practices on integration.

This also involves a journey of preparation over the coming year, as you hone your heart’s intention, connect with the earth and the stars, and prepare yourself for the journey you are to make

You need to sign up no later than 1st May 2019


Elen shall be supported by Gian Paolo Cottino, who is trained in Vision Quest guardianship by Chris Luttichau of Northern Drum, and through working in ceremony and assisting in quests with Hilary Kneale and Rick Lockwood of Hollow Bone Vision Quests

“In my own understanding of Guardianship I feel that I am a Guardian of the Seeker’s Quest and a Guardian of the teachings I have received, and the heart from which they come. With this in mind I will work with Elen and the Silver Wheel to support You.”




Total Cost: £700

Deposit to book: £300


To Book Your Place

To inquire about booking your place on the Dawn Quest, or to ask any questions, do email Elen at 


You do not need prior shamanic or ceremonial experience to participate the Dawn Quest ~ only a basic level of physical, mental and emotional wellness ~  and trust to your heart’s call if you feel guided towards it. Let Elen know that you are interested, and she shall send you an application form


Booking & Cancellation Information