Blue Galactic Butterflies
2 Day Ceremonial Workshop
13th & 14th May, 2019
Avalon, UK


Send forth the Blue Galactic Butterflies, the messengers of reconnection to the Shining Realms of the Soul ~ meet with your Star Kindred in the Summer Palace of the Stars ~ your own stellar and galactic, other-dimensional council. Return to and re-activate this cosmic alliance, the fellowship that supports your higher destiny and soul purpose for the New Dawn.

Restore this deep, pure wisdom of natural connection ~ star to star, light to light.

Move into relationships that are founded in the Light, that are a part of the deepest realities of your Elder soul remembrance and purpose

Through ceremonies of Elven starlight sounding, drum, bell, crystal bowl and rattle, through activations and journeys in the woodlands and marshes of Avalon, restore the original luminosity, the blue butterfly path through galaxies of your Elder Soul reality

* Elven Starlight Sound Activations & Journeys

* Journey in the sacred landscape of Avalon ~ the Star Mountain of the Tor, springs, woodlands of birch, oak and willow and marshes of gold reeds, swan, white egret & heron

* Journey further into the mystery of the stars & your own stellar alliance of the New Dawn


This 2 Day Ceremony will be held at the Avalon Centre, in the centre of Glastonbury UK

1 King Street

10am ~ 5.30 Daily


Booking Your Place

Deposit to book £100

Final Payment due by Friday, 10th May £144 

To inquire about booking your place on Blue Galactic Butterflies, or to ask any questions, do email Elen at

You do not need prior shamanic or ceremonial experience to do this workshop, but trust to your heart’s call if you feel guided towards it

Bright blessings on your path of the earth & the stars!


Booking & Cancellation Policy