An Evening Prayer

Beloved Elders,

I’ve been given inspiration for a New Evening Meditation practice… have been humming for a year now with a sense that the evening timing needed to shift, but not sure how. Then, with the Eveningstar meditation of this moon, the inspiration was gifted ~ of course ~ how simple and beautiful, that wherever you are, the meditation is for the setting of the sun and the arrival of the stars ~ the time of Sunset!

Its essence is the Spirit of gratitude for the day you have travelled through, the paths you have walked.

It is the visualisation of the Glyph and Flame of this Moon ~ within the earth, and amongst the stars ~ arising as a lost dimension of the New Era. This brings you home to the Elder Star of your own heart, where the inspiration of an ancient past and a deep future arise, gifting themselves into your world and your life for the New Dawn on earth.

I put the Sunset meditation below, if you would like to follow it

This Moon is the SEVENTH GLYPH, the teaching of the waters and the VIOLET FLAME of the Everlasting Stars

With Shining Love

E Elenna 

To find out your sunset time, click here… or watch the sky this evening!


Visualizing the Glyph and the Flame of this Moon

Draw it in the air before you, and let it enter your heart, golden

Shining within your heart

Spreading throughout your whole being

Sit and breathe the glyph and the flame through your whole body and aura ~

Feel the Spirit of Gratitude for your Day ~ for all that you have experienced, the path that you have walked. Let the especial moments for which you are grateful shine out in your heart ~ the true medicine gifts of the day, the special moments as recognized by your spirit (some times these can be different from the moments we consciously count as special or of value)

Now shift your attention from your heart, to the Heart of the Earth

Let your heart meet with hers, feel her presence

See the Glyph and Flame of this Moon 

Shining within the Heart of the Earth

This Flame and this Glyph are one of the Lost Dimensions of Earth

See this Dimension rising once again

Through all the layers of the Earth

Arising up around her in a luminous atmosphere

Linking with the Moon, the Stars, the galaxies beyond

See the Glyph and the Flame within the stars also

With the ebbing and flowing of your breath

See how inter-dimensional connection between the earth and the stars is being forged once more

Feel how it is held as a future amongst the stars ~ and an ancient and beautiful past within the earth

Feel how the ancient past and the deep future are coming into connection

Return your attention to your heart

And see how this is the Elder Star

in which the lost and future worlds are arriving, 

and receive their beautiful inspiration

With your breath, releasing the veils of separation and forgetfulness

Allowing yourself to become One with this Greater Dawn

Resting in this unveiling, this expansion

Feel how this Lost Dimension is gently building into presence once more, and the wisdom that belongs to it

Let this be your Prayer of Peace

For the earth, the stars and the New Dawn

Feel the glyph and the flame in your heart once more, and return to your physical awareness

Carrying this wisdom with you

For the highest good of all the Realms

Aho, and so it is done!


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