13 Moon Elven Starlight Ascension Journey

Registration Opens 11th March, 2020

Journey moon by moon, glyph by glyph

Embark on the most beautiful voyage with the Elven & Star Elders ~ their wisdom and transmissions of the Silver Wheel for the New Dawn

each moon shall be a magical deluge of offerings

traversing phenomenal depths of transformation

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Deep within the land lie pathways of a subtle sentience and remembrance. White starlight, and old old radiance, of Eras of Peace that have been before, and shall come again. Here, we are finding a trail long lost ~ Ways of Peace, of the Shining Ones who came before.

This is the realm of the Elven and Star Elders, of First Remembrance. It is the First Light, the First Radiance, of an earth that was dreamt amongst the stars, and whose Dawn, whose Dream, arrives again and again. These are the pathways to which the Deer calls us, quietly leading the trail, to a subtle sentience and remembrance, to this New Dawn of an Elder, Ascended Earth.

You follow the White Deer with the star at her brow into the forest

Deep within the forest, you come to a Grove of White Trees whose trunks glimmer with star codes, Elven Codes, their leaves glowing above like sunrise or sunset. It is the Grove of the Silver Wheel, a grove of Elven Starlight Ascension wisdom

At the base of each tree is an amethyst crystal, within a silver glyph.

From each glyph pours forth an otherworldly harmonic, each one a strand of the immortal music of the earth, sun, moon, and stars.

Each one is a luminous tone, a higher octave of colour than we have known ~ sapphire, white-gold, rose, silver, emerald, ruby, violet, aquamarine, magenta, gold, peach, pearl and diamond. This is the song of the New Dawn, that is arriving, awakening the codes of an old, older starlight radiance and remembrance, activating your wisdom and gifts ~ your full otherworldly, ancient and future presence.

So that all that you are, can enter the moment, arrive here

You are welcomed here to receive the transmissions, the Elven star codes of the New Dawn

to enter the Mystery, of all that you are becoming, of all that you are called to be

It is time for the veils of forgetfulness to lift

It is time to re~create the realms


Each pathway of awakening and ascension is as individual as the soul that walks it.

This work speaks very deeply to those who share a strong kinship to the elemental realms and star dimensions. Who hold that deep connection to the Earth herself, and carry that vow of love within them.

They feel a soul remembrance when they meet with the wisdom of the Elven and Star Elders, and it calls their heart into alignment with these portals of ascension. These elder souls are remembering themselves once more, reawakening their multi-dimensional essence, and journeying ever more deeply into the depths of wholeness and divine sovereignty.

These 13 magical moons will build to a vast wealth of transformational wisdom, shamanic passageways and initiations, that can be journeyed with time and time again. Every revolution of the Silver Wheel awakens a new cycle of cosmic arrival, and every time we travel into the great mystery of the White Grove, we access new and ever changing realms of growth and discovery, reflective of our life's ever changing journey of ascension and evolution.  

We would be honoured to travel with you on this epic, otherworldly journey of remembrance and return

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