Elen Deer of the Morningstar, is an author and shamanic healer & teacher. Through years of initiation by the earth and the stars, she has come to walk a path of remembrance; sharing the wisdom of the Elven Ones and the Star Elders for the New Dawn.

Through many years of listening to the Shining realms in the woods and hills of Wales, and in travels to North America and the Himalayas, she received the teachings of her book Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book. This is a mandala and a medicine wheel for the celestial, inter-galactic earth, and for the awakening of our destiny as Elder Souls of the New Dawn. It contains teachings that powerfully reconnect us to an ancient and beautiful way of being.

With her guides the Elven Ones and Star Elders, she creates ceremonies and transmissions through vibrational shamanic sound and language. Through the exquisite overtones and harmonics of the Elven starlight language and the sounding of drum, bell and rattle, she channels a profoundly transformative sphere. These ceremonies and teachings gift a powerfully beautiful vision of reality, a precious and lost wisdom, and open the door to an all-encompassing shift into our higher destiny.

The Morningstar heralds the coming of a new era, new ethereal white-gold frequencies that are causing a quantum starlight blossoming, a quantum shift within us. The Morningstar wisdom of the Elven Ones is here, a swan feather staff, bringing us a beautiful and sacred perspective of reality.

Elen has undergone her own metamorphosis in dances across mountains and cultures. She lived for many years in the hills and forests of Wales, where she awoke to the Elven and stellar realms of the earth in quiet, solitary years of listening to the trees and the crystals, the moonlight and the waters. In 2007, Elen met with her beloved shamanic teacher, Nancy ‘Dancing Light’ Sherwood. In pilgrimages to the ancient sites of Ireland and Wales, she was trained in shamanic wisdom and ceremony. Gradually, through the land, the harp, the crystals, the drum, there was the restoration of ancient, luminous memories of the early starlight ages of the earth, of the Elven Ones and the star realms beyond. She could hear and speak the timeless language of the Elven Ones and the Star Elders, and she began to receive the teachings recorded in Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book.

From 2009 through to 2014 Elen trained with Veronique Cliquet in the Munay Ki Rites of the Laika, and as a Reiki Master/Teacher. In the last few years, Elen has travelled to Hopi and Navaho ancestral lands in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah in the United States. She has visited the Himalayas, travelling from Tibetan temple to Tibetan temple in Nepal, Ladakh and Sikkim: meeting with shamans and oracle healers who carry the ancestral traditions. During these travels she has danced the ceremonies of the Silver Wheel in many sacred places and received her heart’s calling to inspire & ignite the hearts that are the lanterns of the Golden Dawn.

Elen shares the Elven Star wisdom of the Silver Wheel through individual healing sessions, ceremonies, workshops and retreats. She lives in Avalon, where she shares the Elven teachings of the Silver Wheel.

‘Let us allow the soul, on its beautiful star feet, to walk into this world…’


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  1. Under the Aurora Borealis and after the day I was meditating the energies of Lemurian, being helped by the White Sister- and Brotherhood of Ascended Masters … I read about You, Elen. I am very greatfull and nouble. Greetings from Lake Inari in Lapland.

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      Marja, how utterly magical to have your presence woven in here. So Many thanks and blessings for writing. And though I have never been, truly I feel you are writing from one of my soul homes.?

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful gift of this book. Indeed as you write, the recognition is there, a falling into place and deep connection, being reunited with the star energy that i have missed so much in my life.

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  3. In La’k Ech A’la Kin Elen, Thank you for being such a wonderful expression of the beauty of the Spirit of all life expressing self. Finally some one on the same level of evolution, possesing similar passionate and compassionate vibrational frequency and of a great awareness. Your authority has been recognised and greeted with an intergalactic and multi-dimensional amazement. I am ready to share far more from within my being

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  4. This book was the reason for my learning to read as a child, I’ve waited my whole life for it.
    With deep gratitude and love x

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  5. After my dad died suddenly in a car accident, I found myself staring at the night sky asking “where are you daddy?” I didn’t know why I was looking for him in the stars. I now realize that my intuition was guiding me and letting me know that he was truly home.

    In my spiritual quest I learned that we are from the stars and made of the stars. What a beautiful dream.

    I found your book recently and it confirmed for me that this beautiful dream we are living is even more magical than I could have imagined. Silver Wheel is absolutely beautiful, I had to let you know how deeply this book has moved me. Thank you for this enchanted writing.

  6. Dearest Elen,
    The Silver Wheel recently landed in my hands . . . Thank you from my deepest heart, for following your heart’s calling into the ancient Welsh forest and beyond, to retrieve this golden wisdom and beauty for all humanity….for me. Thank you. I want to write more to you at some point, but at the moment I am speechless. Starlight blessings to you, Satya Alcorn

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