Praise for Silver Wheel

“Shaman and reiki healer Tompkins uses her knowledge and experience from a personal journey to an ancient forest in Wales to draw readers into an understanding of the legends surrounding the Elven people and the mythical ancient land of Lemuria. While on her pilgrimage, Tompkins allegedly discovered the Deerskin Book, crafted by the ancient Elves. Tompkins creatively weaves together stories of her time in the forest with lessons from the Deerskin Book to show how someone on a spiritual journey can benefit from its teachings. Those teachings relate to themes such as feeling connected with one another and the elements of the earth, understanding one’s own destiny and calling, and appreciating the value of a peaceful heart. Throughout the book, her beautifully written and descriptive imagery gives a sense of actually experiencing the forest and rituals of ancient Lemuria with the author. For those with belief in Elven powers and willing to learn, this book will be a welcome invitation to metamorphosis.”

~ US Publishers Weekly

* * *

“Elen is one of those rare beings that combine deep intuitive sensitivity with gentle and powerful wordcraft. What she has known from birth in her bones, she weaves into words with skill and ancient knowledge. Over a number of years I have enjoyed her clear integrity of soul and shining spirit. Her power to invoke and shift energy with words is truly beauty-full and in the deep traditions of soul storytelling and bardic Śeeing.”

“May this book reach all those it is for, and strengthen the star kin. It is needed and timely.”

~ Faith Nolton, Shamanic & Visionary artist and poet, author of ‘Gardens of the Soul’, founder of Sacred Hoop Magazine

* * *

“this seems to me to be an amazing piece of Automatic writing in the tradition of Jane Roberts’ Seth, with the fluency and beauty of Grace and Ivan Cooke’s White Eagle teachings.  Both of these have proved pivotal in the understanding of what it is to be human and in the enhancement/advancement of spiritual depth and SILVER WHEEL will take the followers of both further and deeper into the realms of self/Self to find what happens when we step out of our own shadows…

Lay readers will find it an elegant, graceful, humane introduction to the worlds of the Deerskin Book  – if they follow each of the twelve meditations/journeys, they’ll have the beginnings of a structure that will stretch the boundaries of their realities.

It seems to me that this is the Celestine Prophecies of the new millennium, that to the right readership it could be absolutely huge.”

~ Manda Scott, Shamanic Dreamer & author of bestselling Boudica series

* * *

“The light-filled pages of the Deerskin Book communicate to us from crystalline levels of Consciousness in poetic and lyrical layers of meaning. Allow these enchanting teachings to flow through you imparting their mystic beauty and gentle wisdom. They speak directly to the soul and bring forth a message of hope; that the time of the New Earth is upon us.”

~ Lauren D’Silva is the author of ‘Light behind the Angels’ and the Principal of Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy


‘This is so much more than a “book.” This is a transmission, an activation for the all the Ages of Humankind upon the Earth. It is a sacrament of the most exquisite beauty, an expansion into a freedom we dream in our deepest, wildest dreams. It is a profound communication of a cellular knowing we’ve carried for eons, our most heartfelt longings for communion, the whisperings of which now, thank the gods, grows louder each moment, calling us to live, to breathe, to speak and to Be that which once was and never has been, to inhale and exhale this Truth of Earth and All Beings as it was always destined to be.

‘…One recommendation though — treat yourself to the hard copy! There is something so very special and powerful about holding this precious book in your hands — and this is coming from the audiobook queen!

‘I wish you and us all many blessings as you receive and remember, allow and expand your consciousness into the Greater Dawn.’


~ Sapphire Flame


‘This is an exquisite book, filled with deep wisdom and beauty. Many sections stopped me in my tracks because they were just so heart-stoppingly beautiful and expressed deep truths so clearly. This story chimes with experiences I’ve had in nature, when meditating, when journeying on the drum, when connecting with my heart and my inner knowing. It’s very much a book of our times – infused with ancient wisdom that is highly relevent to the shift in consciousness that is happening on the planet (and needs to happen) at this time. If you’re anything like me, Silver Wheel will remind you of the ancient truths long-forgotten by your mind that live on in your very core, so you will experience this book as a joyous homecoming to your heart. Essential reading for magical beings, nature lovers, sensitive souls, modern day mystics, Shamanic souls, wise women and men, and all those who know that a more beautiful world is possible.’

~ Jackie Stewart

About the Author

Elen received the exquisite wisdom of Silver Wheel over many years of listening to the moonlight, the waters, trees and flowers in the woods and hills of Wales. She is devoted to sharing the Elvenstar teachings of the Silver Wheel for the Golden Dawn of a New Earth.

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