Swanfeather Cloak

I have been wandering the landscape of Avalon, contemplating the Swanfeather Cloak. And hovering within my inner vision these last days is a robe of deep amethyst light…

Events 2017

In 2017, each moon I am offering an Elvenstar workshop or retreat that focuses on the teaching of that moon. They were gifted over the years through a deep listening to the moonlight

Gwenhwyfar Elven Queen

What is the gift, the sacred heart of this ancient Elfin Queen, this Gwenhwyfar, Guinevere, White Enchantress? She who has so long haunted our hearts and our imaginations.

Elven Vision ~ 2017

I sat for a beautiful Pipe Ceremony this evening, blessing the soul of 2017, calling to its spirit and wisdom…

Farewell 2016

Time and space are the creations of our hearts and minds: every year is a creation of our own…